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The Future of Water is Here.

Pure, Healthy, Sustainable

Save time, money, and hassle while supporting the environment by eliminating bottled water and switching to Pure Water Technology of Oregon.

Water For Your Business

Wellsys Water Systems

Explore the Wellsys® World of Hydration Excellence. The advanced Wellsys water systems blend cutting-edge technology with nature’s simplicity to transform your tap water into a pure, refreshing experience. Purity meets modern convenience.

Water For Your Family

Berkey Water Systems

Discover purity in every drop with Berkey Water Filters. Our innovative system harnesses nature’s own filtration method to eliminate the unseen dangers lurking in your tap water. Experience water in its purest form.

Elevate Your Hydration with Pure Drinking Water

Great for your health, wallet, and the environment.

Purified Water

Turn tap water to tasty mineral water in minutes.


Reduce plastic waste for a cleaner environment.


Enjoy fresh water without the hassles of bottles.


Save up to 70% on your monthly bottled water cost.


Add essential minerals to your drinking water.

See What Customers Are Saying

Anna H.
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"Mike, owner of the operation, was so incredibly kind and helpful when I was trying to purchase Berkley Arsenic & Fluoride Filters. They had limited stock and so I called and talked to Mike and not 2 minutes later was the order complete and he shipped them off the next day. He also made sure to call when they were delivered to ensure I had gotten them. Highly recommend!"

Berkey Water Filtration Systems

Get the best water system for your family

Why choose Pure Water Technology of Oregon?

Bottled water is not the same!

We are a local Oregon company that can offer you the best drinking water systems and provide quick efficient service.

Pure Water Technology of Oregon provides fresh, pure, healthy drinking water by removing chemicals, bacteria, and parasites. Our purification systems, produce better tasting, healthier water than many other workplace systems.

Additionally, many of our customers have saved money, over the cost of their existing water dispensing systems, by switching to Pure Water Technology of Oregon.

About Pure Water Technology of Oregon Systems

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We specialize in renting Wellsys and PHSI bottle-less water coolers to businesses and residences in Salem, Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Stayton, Junction City, Harrisburg, Eugene, Springfield, Woodburn, Wilsonville, Canby, and Portland metro areas including Vancouver, Washington. One monthly bill and no bottles to lift or account for. Please call us to replace your old unsanitary bottled water cooler today!

Just like most great ideas, it started with a need. In 1996 it was the need to eliminate the hassles of lifting and storing heavy 5-gallon water bottles. Today, we all realize that bottled water is more than a hassle, it’s an environmental nightmare, and a national disgrace. Now is the time to replace your antiquated drinking water system with a Pure Water Technology of Oregon Bottle-less water cooler.

Pure Water Technology of Oregon water systems Go Beyond Green by not only eliminating the environmental impact of bottled water, but by providing you with safer, fresher and better tasting drinking water. We call it “Technology for a Healthy Planet™”.

Pure Water Technology of Oregon is also an authorized dealer for the Berkey® System line of water filtration and purification products and accessories in Oregon! We have a full-line of Berkey filter products that is available for storefront purchase and pickup in Scio, Oregon.

Experience the Global Standard in Water Filtration

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