Pure Water Technology of Oregon
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Wellsys Water Systems

How Wellsys Works

With a powerful all-natural filtration method across six sizes, there’s a Berkey Water Filter for everyone.

Sediment Filter

Reduces particles such as dirt, silt, rust and pipe residue.

Pre-Carbon Filter

Reduces chlorine, chemicals and pesticides.

Final Polishing

Coconut shell carbon polishes the water for great taste.

Reverse Osmosis / UV Membrane

Reduces such contaminants as solids, arsenic, metals, and pharmaceuticals.


• Minerals & Electrolytes
• Enhances Alkalinity
• Cleans Water

Experience Unmatched Water Purity and Health

LG Quality Standards

Enjoy the benefits of the LG quality influence. Wellsys USA uses LG parts and components to meet the highest in manufacturing standards.

Balances PH

To eliminate the concerns of acidic water created by normal purification processes, Wellsys USA provides an alkaline boost for pure PH balanced water.

Sanitation & Immunization

Natural minerals are utilized to improve personal immunity levels and provide antioxidants for protection against contaminates such as lead and other toxins. Unlike Ozone or UV systems, every drop of water is sanitized with the healthiest and safest leading edge methodology.

Innovative Design & Technology

The contemporary product designs compliment the office décor and provide more convenient water dispense; while providing an internal nine stage purification process.

Stainless Steel Tanks & Reservoirs

All Wellsys USA systems are made with the highest grade stainless steel tanks and internal components to insure the highest standards in the industry.

Nutrient Boost

The Wellsys USA process adds a nutrient boost to increase hydration by the addition of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

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