Pure Water Technology of Oregon
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Wells: Common contaminants and maintenance concerns

How do wells work, and where are they typically located? Found primarily in rural areas, wells tap into underground pockets of water, called aquifers, and pump it into the pipes of your home for drinking, cooking, cleaning and sanitation. Wells are recharged when precipitation and water used for irrigating crops and landscapes seeps into the […]

How do Berkey® Systems compare to Reverse Osmosis and Distillation?

Powerful Purification Black Berkey® Purification Elements are Unique Berkey® Water Purification Systems address a broad universe of potential contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and even radiologicals while leaving in the healthy minerals your body needs. Addresses pathogenic bacteria without a UV light Removes dead bacteria bodies during the purification process No need […]

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