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Minerals play a vital role in producing and maintaining energy levels. Magnesium and calcium are two minerals that are especially important for energy levels, as they are found in our bones, nerves, and intercellular fluid and are used by the heart, brain and immune system. Furthermore,
the more magnesium and calcium, the better your body is able to break down glucose and convert it into energy. To increase your mineral intake, eat more nuts, seeds, grains,
tofu, fish, beans, leafy greens and drink more mineralized water.

Water is one of the body’s most essential elements.
Dehydration, or a lack of water, leads to fatigue, which slows down the body’s functions. Water is, therefore, a very important factor in having more natural energy. Aim to
drink a minimum of 2L of water per day and opt for water
with a balanced pH level, which will aid in alkalizing your
body and detoxification.

Usually, the last thing you want to do when you are feeling tired is exercise.
However, exercise can actually improve your energy levels, as it boosts the oxygen flow around the body. One study showed that sedentary people, who
regularly complain of fatigue, can increase their energy levels by 20% and
decrease their fatigue by 65%, by engaging in regular exercise.

Fresh air and being among nature is beneficial to the mind and body. All you need is a 10-minute walk each day outdoors and you will feel more energized, with the effects lasting for hours. In time, going for a daily walk will elevate your mood and overall energy levels.

Plus receiving some vitamin D from the sun is very important, especially in winter. Vitamin D plays a
significant role in muscle movement and function. So soaking up some sun can energize and elevate your mood, as well as improve your physical performance.

Being more alkaline can improve your energy levels, as well as your overall health and performance. You will notice a difference in your mental focus, sleep quality,
energy stability, emotional consistency, weight control, and the immune system.

An alkaline body means that it has a pH level of 7.36, which refers to the body being in an alkaline state, rather than an acidic one. Too much acid causes an
overload in the kidneys and foods being stored as fat, instead of being used as

An alkaline body will convert what you eat into energy. So how do you become alkaline? The best ways to improve your alkaline levels are by eating an alkaline-rich diet and by drinking water that has a balanced pH level.

We are constantly exposed to toxins, which can hinder our health and energy levels. Toxins are found in the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the cleaning products in our homes. It is therefore very important to try our best to avoid as many toxins and chemicals as possible. Avoid processed foods, soft drinks, baked goods, fast food, preservatives, additives,
outdoor pollution, store-bought cleaning products, bleach,
detergents, exposure to chemicals and unfiltered water. Do this,
and you and your family will feel more revitalized and energized.

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