PHSI 3i – Pure Water Technology


PHSI Pure Water Technology’s newest system eliminates the environmental and workplace impact of bottled water systems while supplying FRESH, PURE and HEALTHY drinking water at the point-of-use. The 3i delivers glass after glass of pure drinking water at the touch of a button while keeping our world and your workplace healthy.


  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 14″ x 17″ x 50.5″
  • Dispense Height: 10.1"
  • Weight: 93 lbs.
  • Cold Tank Capacity: 3 gallons
  • Hot Tank Capacity: 0.5 gallons
  • Purification Process: Multi-stage process utilizing Sediment Removal, Dual Carbon, Reverse Osmosis (80 gallons per day) and Activated Oxygen Injection
  • CleanContact™


    Anti-microbial touchpad surface and surrounding surfaces manufactured and tested to protect against cross-contamination of germs within the workplace.

  • 24/7-System Monitoring

    24/7-System Monitoring

    At the core of our technology is a microprocessor that controls and monitors activate oxygen injections, filter life, water quality and all other system functions 24 hours a day. Only the 3i delivers this level of programmability and performance that keeps your water fresh and pure.

  • Activated Oxygen Injection

    Activated Oxygen Injection

    Oxygenates the water during the injection process, delivery pure and fresh water.

  • ATS-Auto Tank Sanitization

    ATS-Auto Tank Sanitization

    Eliminates microbiological contamination and does away with the tedious and often overlooked task of sanitizing the holding tank.

  • Pure Touch Dispense

    Pure Touch Dispense

    The ergonomic design delivers an optimum dispense height and spacious dispense area for large containers which prevents germ contamination of the dispense nozzle.

  • Filter Replacement Notification Light

    Filter Replacement Notification Light

    Notifies you when the filter needs replacing by our service team, ensuring the highest quality of freshness.

  • Dispense Area Light

    Dispense Area Light

    Illuminates dispense area (4 brightness options) to easily identify drip try "bulls eye" for precise dispensing-keeping the work environment clean of water spillage.